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The pandemic has brought unforeseen challenges that have gone beyond the expected health concerns of individuals. It has affected the core of how our societies work, and of how we socialise and interact with each other. Working from home, the lack of a support network and taking responsibility for our children’s education full time has been overwhelming for many parents. It has become evident the need for new paradigms, and in particular new ways to imagine learning possibilities and the contexts in which it can happen.

We propose to take advantage of the changing circumstances to transform how we (parents and caregivers) and our children understand learning. We want to look at education as a process that can happen beyond the boundaries of the school; an organic process in which we can tap into our own life skills and experiences to pass on to the next generation in the way our ancestors did. 

Our premise is that we all have something to teach (and learn); we are all experts. From a social culturalist perspective, Rogoff explains that, “central to Vygotsky’s theory is the idea that children’s participation in cultural activities with the guidance of more skilled partners allows children to internalize the tools for thinking and for taking more mature approaches to problem solving that children have practiced in social context. 

Cultural interventions channel the skills for each generation, with individual development mediated by interaction with people who are more skilled in the use of the culture’s tools”. (Rogoff 1990, p. 14). With the appropriate framework to guide our learning, we can become aware of the processes that take place in the most mundane activities, and in doing so, consciously build from and onto the collective knowledge.

The Red Thread is a registered Not For Profit Organisation, registration number K2020/687291/08.

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Our Team

Lien is an editor, communication specialist, colour therapist and creative thinker. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, and lifelong learning.

She loves beautiful spaces and all things green.

Lien studied language practice, worked for two major newspapers, and started her own boutique communication agency 14 years ago.

She was born in Bloemfontein, spent a few years in Cape Town, and now lives in Johannesburg with her husband and son. 

Lien Potgieter Creative Writing & Gardening Afterschool Programmes

Vianey is a creative linguist – originally from Mexico - in love with words, literature, and culture.

She has taught Spanish for over 15 years in different countries, and her research includes language acquisition, bilingualism and documentation of indigenous languages.

She has a BA and an MA in Literature (Mexico) and an MSc in Linguistics (Canada). 

In South Africa, her passion for music, dancing and education led her to combine teaching Spanish and Latin rhythms to kids of all ages. 

Vianey Varela Spanish and Latin American dance and culture Afterschool Programmes

oThandiwe founded the company Nna le Bokamoso Science and Arts academy in 2016, but began operations in February 2017, a month after she birthed her first-born child, Bokamoso. 

She comes from a background of science education (B.Ed Mathematics & Physical Sciences, B.Sc Hons Science Education (Wits), M.Ed Curriculum Policy and Evaluation (UJ) and M.Sc in Science Education (Wits), and has trained as a dancer through the Vuyani Dance Company outreach and Imvelo Theatre productions. 

Her current research areas are in early childhood education, quantum physics (physics philosophy), movement and dance in education and African philosophy for education. 

oThandiwe Sekhibane Science & Movement Afterschool Programmes

Goeun is a social anthropologist and photographer with experience in development, and passionate about topics on social justice and inclusion. 

She uses images as a tool to learn about different cultures and people and to express herself. 

Goeun has a photography degree from Escuela de Foto Arte (Chile), a BA in Asian and African Studies (Norway) and MA in Social Anthropology (Norway). In her research she used Visual Research Methods to combine her experience and knowledge in photography with reflective perspectives from Anthropology. 

Goeun was born in Paraguay, grew up in Chile, studied in Norway, and now lives in South Africa with her husband and two children

Goeun Bae Photography & Self-esteem Afterschool Programmes