What we offer
CREATIVE afterschool programmes

Our extraordinary afterschool programmes aim to build a stronger bridge between right- and left-brain functions so that children develop into whole adults.

Kids learn practical, useful skills, as well as how to think critically and creatively. An integral part of our process is to develop emotional intelligence, empathy, mindfulness, and entrepreneurial thinking skills. 

Our extramural activities include:

* Latin dancing, Spanish Language and Culture Lessons

* Photography and Positive Self-esteem

* Gardening and Creative Writing

* Space Design and Colour

* Astronomy and African Philosophy

Venue: We don’t have classrooms; just beautiful, safe, outside spaces.

Rates: R800 per child per month for three weekly classes. R1 200 per child per month for five weekly classes.

CREATIVE learning picnics

Children and their adults come together to learn together picnic-style. The aim of these picnics is to inspire curiosity and kids and grown-ups alike and give adults the chance to observe their children’s natural gifts and talents. Once you know your child’s interests, you can help them prepare for the future by choosing subjects and learning activities that develop their natural skills. 

Our creative learning picnics happen once a month in a beautiful, peaceful space. 

Rates: R250 for one adult and one child. 

CREATIVE communities

We believe that every child must get the opportunity to learn in a creative way. The aim of our travelling creative communities programme is to expose children in underserviced areas to jobs and career and opportunities that they never thought were possible or even existed. We invite people from all walks of life to act as a human library and answer the children’s questions. 

Our creative communities programmes happen once a month at various places across Gauteng. Do you want to share your wisdom and expertise? 

To get involved, send us a message.

Making learning a creative affair

When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our work takes on the quality of play, and it is play that stimulates creativity.” - Linda Naiman

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