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Welcome to THE RED THREAD!

Here we dream, invite, play, imagine, explore, provoke, connect, have fun, and learn.

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What is The Red Thread?

The Red Thread offers high-quality, intentional, and extraordinary afterschool programmes for young children in Johannesburg. 

Our marvellous extramural activities inspire kids and their adults to get curious about learning and life.

Our wish is that every child gets the opportunity to learn in a creative way that will set them up for life. 

Creative learning
About Us
inspiring awe and wonder in young and old

Inspired by parents whose inner rebels are alive and well, The Red Thread is a collaboration between moms who love children, learning, and creativity. 

We always question the existing state of affairs and look for ways to do learning differently, purposefully and with good intentions for our children and yours. 

What we offer
CREATIVE Afterschool Programmes

Our afterschool programmes are out of the ordinary. You learn about cool stuff that is not part of the normal primary school curriculum.

Think Latin dances and Spanish lessons, Gardening and Creative Writing, Photography and Self-esteem.

CREATIVE Learning Picnics for Young and Older

Adults also need novelty and fun. Together with your kids, you explore artifacts that spark curiosity and creativity.

Imagine exploring the history, culture behind, making of, and future of an everyday object like a shoe or bicycle. 

CREATIVE Communities and Human Libraries

Underserviced communities also have the right to creative learning and exploration. We expose children and adults to a whole new world of opportunities.

Ask anything you want to know about the world of entrepreneurship and the jobs of the now and the future. 

Contextualised learning

Our approach offers a contextualised application of theories that might appear too abstract and far from the realities of the learners. Our knowledge and learning programmes focus on familiar elements to expand children's understandings and which stimulate your young one's capacity to wonder, create, imagine, think critically, and collaborate with others. In addition, parents can consciously decide which values they want to instil in their children while engaging in the suggested activities.

We aim to spark curiosity, self-regulated learning, and a renewed appreciation for the inter-connectedness of all. We provide tools to make learning fun and engaging.

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Our team

Lien is an editor, communication specialist, colour therapist and creative thinker. Her passions are entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, and lifelong learning.
Lien Potgieter
Goeun is a social anthropologist and photographer with experience in development. She is passionate about social justice and inclusion.
Goeun Bae